Registrations are now open! Our Senior Winter competition taps off on April 29th!


Touch Football Australia will now take a payment of $22 when you register into your first Touch competition anywhere in Australia between July 1st 2023 to June 30 2024: This covers Affiliation and Insurance that now goes direct to TFA and is only collected once a year regardless of how many competitions you play in. It is important that you use the same MYSIDELINE account for all your touch competitions otherwise you will pay the $22 more than once. Please do not create a new account, use the lost account details tab or support email that MYSIDELINES offer.

Seniors Winter Competition 2024 Conditions of Entry

Please use this link to enter your team.

CC Dolphins Touch SNR Comp Team Rego Link
Games are played Mondays at Adcock Park, West Gosford.



Dolphins Field Layout Adcock Park 2023

Player Pool.
If you do not have enough players to enter a team but would still like to play, fill out this form and we will try our best to find you a team.

Before joining our players pool please ensure that you.

1. Can play Monday nights at Adcock Park Gosford

2. Can pay a rego fee anywhere between $90 to $140

Contact for more details.

Wet Weather Policy
A decision on the cancellation of games is made by 5.45pm for Seniors on Mondays. Sometimes Juniors might be on and Seniors are cancelled or vice versa.
Team delegates will be sent a text message and a post will be put on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Please pass this information onto your team mates so they are also aware of the wet weather policy.
ALWAYS assume touch is on unless you hear from the club about it being cancelled. Phone calls or emails will not be replied to about wet weather.
We may have to cancel games once they have commenced due to extreme events such as heavy rain or lighting strikes. Once we make a decision that the rest of the games are cancelled, we will post the news on Facebook since that is our quickest form of communication.